Automotive Performance

Are you looking to boost your car's speed or lift up your Jeep or Tundra? Maybe you have a purpose-built show car and you want a supercharger system installed correctly, or just some bolt-ons installed with exquisite detail. No matter what the job is, 97 Auto is the right choice for all of your performance modification needs. We specialize in performance and are performance automotive enthusiasts in our off time. We take the extra time to plan a build and cover all points of interest to our customers on a completely individual basis.

If you're behind the wheel of a Jeep, truck, or SUV and feel the urge for an off-road excursion, stop by to talk about options. Our team knows lift installations inside and out and have earn some badges ourselves. Do some mods and then hit some of the amazing trails in Maryland, PA, and West Virginia.

Recent Work

Cat Shield on a Tundra
Harness cleaning and manifold install on GSR
Lift kit, wheels/tires, and painted fender flares